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The advent of cloud computing has created a greater need to drive collaboration, infrastructure agility, and nimble workloads. Here, virtualization becomes the key enabler to achieve aforementioned cloud characteristics. Virtualization is the change protagnist for ISVs and Enterprises for managing, deploying and delivering the IT expreience. The good part is that virtualization services optimize the use of legacy and modern infrastructure simultaneously.

Upscale Your Infrastructure Deployment at a Reduced Cost

In order to ensure maximum connectivity across the IT infrastructure, it is pertinent to optimize workloads and bring server equity via centralized IT administration. This is where virtualization makes it possible. Virtualization will empower organizations to achieve architectural rationalization, server and network consolidation, and maximum infrastructure utilization; all with a reduced total cost of ownership (TCO). It basically separates hardware with the operating system, which also reduces the overall infrastructure maintenance costs. Organizations can also boost their software development and testing efficiency by curtailing the hardware and software setup time and replicating multiple test environments. Moreover, virtual machines can easily integrate with different systems, which enables hassle-free maintenance of applications along with quicker server deployment.

"Virtualization will empower organizations to achieve architectural rationalization, server and network consolidation, and maximum infrastructure utilization; all with reduced total cost of ownership (TCO)"


MSys has gathered expertise in all areas of virtualization by executing multiple virtualization projects on different platforms like VMware and Microsoft Hyper-V. We have helped several ISVs in developing innovativing solutions that take advantage of growing technologies and reducing costs without compromising on quality or efficiency. Our virtualization architects are well-versed with leading tools and technologies to bring scalability to your IT infrastructure. We efficiently consolidate your networking, storage, and server infrastructure helping you handle dynamic workloads and save costs concurrently. We provide you smooth support for provisioning and orchestrating IT assets within virtualized environments for ISVs and Enterprises. We will be managing various virtualization assets in data centers and integrating with various monitoring and management ISVs.

Our engineers help you integrate VMware, Citrix Xen, Hyper-V, and KVM to support their product features within these platforms. They further create a hassle-free infrastructure management environment by developing vCenter, SCVMM, VCO, XenCenter, and snapshot management plugins. We help you with the execution of VMware, WHQL/WLK, Citrix, and Linux certifications by setting up certification environment. We also develop software and hardware based flash acceleration products for different virtualization platforms.

Our focus areas include desktop virtualization, server virtualization, storage virtualization, network virtualization, and application virtualization.

MSys Technologies’ Virtualization Services

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“MSys Technologies helped virtualize critical business components for our software products and thereby, improved its I/O performance. We realized a simplified storage management operation that eventually boosted the productivity. Thanks to MSys virtualization architects who acted thorough professionals and ensured resourced optimization through their expertise on virtualization”

– Product Manager, US Based ISV

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