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Business uncertainties and unpredictable work environments have been plaguing enterprises and ISVs across the globe. With the digital landscape evolving into newer possibilities, the skill demands have become more fluctuating, seasonal, and sudden. Organizations need a customized workforce with the best skill and experience pool but minimal liabilities to carry around.

This has created a need for resilient workforce curation that would allow organizations to hire a flexible workforce for their business needs while the resources would constantly be upgraded as per relevant market developments in domains like DevOps, Cloud, Storage, UI/UX, and more. It is time that serious thought is given to the practical implications of Contingent Workforce Hiring.

Contingent Workforce – An On-Demand Resource Pool

Contingent Workforce Management solutions mainly deal with curating an expert labor pool that can be hired by an external organization for their digitalization requirements. This on-demand pool consists of a domain-specific workforce, including development and management resources.

“The organization serving a certain domain expertise like Datacenter, DevOps, Storage, Networking, or Clouds has more working knowledge of the projects to hire the right resources that can add value for their client.” Contingent workforce can also be reskilled by the employer organization to customize their skillset for the target client. This also promotes internal cross-pollination of resources making the workforce more dynamic and relevant with the changing technology trends.

“The organization serving a certain domain expertise like Datacenter, DevOps, Storage, Networking, or Clouds has more working knowledge of the projects to hire the right resources that can add value for their client.” 

A Constructive Solution for Flexible Workforce Management

With the work culture growing to be more accommodating towards elements like remote access and global connectivity, new undiscovered limitations in skill accumulation and service reliability have begun to crop up. Enterprises are looking for staffing solutions that are more cost-effective, flexible, and customized to their business needs.

Therefore contingent hiring has emerged as a constructive solution where these enterprises and ISVs can save on administrative costs, reskilling resources, and other additional expenses incurred by usual staff management. Moreover, with the hiring and staffing overhead eliminated, the companies can focus on more important aspects of the employees, including domain expertise, performance, and flexibility.

MSys Contingent Workforce Offerings

MSys Contingent Workforce Services manages the hiring, staffing, and deployments of the resources to help the client project team for domain-specific engagements. The client can request for a customized workforce or can sit with MSys Contingent Workforce Management Solutions experts and brainstorm over the required skillset, cost-optimization, and business needs for the concerned project. MSys experts with the Doing Right First Time (DRIFT) approach and a decade plus hands-on IT and ITES experience, acquire extensive portfolios for the enterprises and ISVs to choose from as per the project needs.

Enterprises looking for a customized workforce for internal projects or any outsourced portfolios can reach out to our domain experts to pick amongst the best. Along with hiring the workforce, MSys also helps you with important marketing insights and industrial practices to help you make more informed decisions about aligning the workforce with your business vision.

The reason why global MNCs and industrial giants trust MSys is because of our practical domain expertise and customer intimacy. Our staffing experts are incredibly skilled and experienced in hiring the best IT talent that can support and augment our client’s workforce exclusively for the objectives that the project aims at fulfilling. We believe in workforce transparency and dedicated engagement for the mutual growth of our client as well as our Contingent workforce.

Some of the prime offerings of our Contingent Workforce services include:

  • Contingent Workforce Consulting
  • Workforce Cost Optimization
  • Workforce Upskilling and Reskilling
  • Workforce Procurement and Deployment
  • Workforce Risk Management Strategies
  • Workforce Maintenance Support

Our Customer Speaks

“The team at MSys Technologies has proven its excellent understanding of our requirements time and again. They have always exceeded our expectations on time, with the desired quality, and within our budget. We appreciate their flexible operational model and proven track record of delivering all our projects well on time. The team has successfully established end-to-end operations of our offshore development and saved over 30% of our total development cost.”

– CTO and EVP Engineering, Leading cloud and data management company.

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