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An application failure at a critical point in a transaction can be tricky to repair and might cost millions in lost sales and consumer goodwill. Testing is crucial in ensuring that software and applications perform as expected, are rolled out quickly, and don’t jeopardize business continuity during deployment.

Testing processes are employed to determine and remediate flaws in the functionality and performance of the application across various platforms and services, using approaches and procedures directed at delivering desired quality with the greatest ROI and shortest turnaround times.

The Need for Fast & Error-free Delivery

In today’s fast-paced digital world, there is no scope for error. Consumers and industry demand perfection, yet today’s organizations are compelled to gamble on production quality due to tight budgets, time frames, and pressure for agile deployment.

Now enterprises don’t need to put themselves in jeopardy. Identifying the risks early in the software life cycle can mitigate costs, improve application quality and efficiency and safeguard brand and reputation. Thus, the need for Managed Testing Services is of utmost importance for businesses today.

Managed testing solutions comprising of a huge collection of testing activities from planning, design and implementation, to reporting and QA process improvements. When it comes to testing complex environments and coordinating multiple parties, Managed Testing Services comes into the picture.

It requires resources and expertise about interdependent technical needs. When utilized in a right way, Managed Testing solutions help save time, money, and resources while also yielding high-quality results without the need for in-house test engineers.

Managed Testing solutions help save time, money, and resources while also yielding high-quality results without the need for in-house test engineers.

Our Managed Testing Service Offerings

MSys Technologies’ Automation-driven Managed Testing Services offers an extensive testing service catalog to enterprises who want to transform their testing function. With MSys, our experts can help organizations achieve superior quality with speed, without the cost of large overheads, day-to-day oversight, and without losing strategic control over the QA function addressing People, Process and Technology together.

Based on our success in delivering and supporting cutting-edge infrastructure and dedicated hardware and software testing capabilities, our Managed Testing solutions can help you quickly identify and reduce potential risks.

Our Managed Testing Services include:

Functional Testing

Testing your application against its intended output parameters to ensure it works the way it is meant to and makes sure the optimum quality is maintained in terms of content, design, and user experience.

Performance Testing

Enabling your application’s reliability and predictability, finding out and eradicating performance blockages from the system while also establishing performance limit standards for your application.

Test Automation

Enabling greater efficiency levels, speedy turnaround times, and improved user satisfaction by automating your testing processes.

Security Testing

Providing you with insights and the data necessary to determine if your organization is addressing the security expectations of clients, regulatory bodies, and internal management correctly.

Mobility Assurance

Ensuring the quality of applications and other digital properties running across all types of mobile devices.

Agile Testing

Ensuring early defect detection, faster go-to-market, and improved application quality using Agile Testing philosophies focusing on people, teams, and collaboration rather than just processes and tools.

Our Customer Speaks

“MSys Technologies facilitated quality testing through automated test scripts. Our products’ efficiency improved by notches. We also saved costs in the overall test lifecycle,”

– Product Manager, Storage ISV.

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