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The untapped potential of big data continues to be a mystery to businesses. The quantum leap of the last decade concerning big data is only scratching the surface. The worldwide data generation at the current pace and scale needs to be uncovered, unlocked, and maximized to make the most of enterprise storage infrastructure. Almost every business generates a humongous amount of data that is under-utlized. Companies need to deep dive into this data to discover the potential it brings to the table- predictive analytics and adaptive strategies.

Solving the data puzzle for maximizing storage capacity

Enterprises generally deal with complex storage infrastructures that often pose threats to effective data utilization and security. The relatively slow adoption and deployment of predictive analytics among enterprises are delaying in realizing the full potential of the transformational power of analytics. Enterprises need to invest in solutions that offer Predictive Analytics that anticipate and prevent issues across the infrastructure, even before it impacts the end-users.

Businesses need to implement a solution that manages storage by giving insights with actionable user data in an open, user-friendly interface. Predictive analytics significantly improves data management and capacity planning for the datacenter. It can free up the IT staff from mundane tasks as it also reduces the manual time and personnel it takes to address storage performance problems.

Big Data Analytics Offerings

MSys Technologies has a proven track record in facilitating intelligent datacenters. With MSys Technologies’ Predictive Analytics services, businesses can make better business decisions by anticipating emerging threats and minimize risk by making tactical choices. Our solutions enhance data literacy of organizations through the collection and aggregation of existing data sources. We orchestrate predictive models that forecast future events and insight.

MSys' Analytics expertise

Descriptive Analytics

Analyzing historical data to derivate insight into past consumer behavior. Providing an illustrative dashboard to include past, present and predictive data. Offering domain-based market research to provide quick insights.

Predictive & Advanced Analytics

Devising solutions that facilitate generating detailed insight through augmented intelligence and by leveraging the potential of modern predictive analytics resulting in higher RoI and productivity.

Social Media Analytics

Architecting solutions that undertake harvesting, sifting, and analyzing data from across social channels to identify influencers, reach, product demand, and business conversion.

Mobile-based Business Intelligence Solutions

Designing mobile apps that are native and responsive across multiple mobile devices. Allowing users to interact and get actionable insights with minimal clicks.

Integrated Analytics & Business Intelligence solutions

Best of both worlds integrated into one holistic and robust solution

Technologies We Excel At

Hadoop, Hive, Kafka, Cloudera, TensorFlow, MongoDB, Spark, AWS, Hbase, ElasticSearch, Lucene

Big Data Analytics Services

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“The MSys team always stayed on top of our data challenges and delivered outstanding results in quality time. I’d highly recommend Team MSys for their data analytics prowess.”

– Senior Manager, Advanced Analytics, Leading Storage ISV

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