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A rightful mix of development and operations via DevOps has enabled ISVs and Enterprises to deliver cutting-edge software products. This is due to vastly improved coordination among these teams that result in the faster development cycle and swifter product release and delivery. The silos that existed between development, testing, and operations have been broken with DevOps. However, while doing it, most organizations fail to inculcate security as the core. This is created hassles for implementing the required security checks within the software development lifecycle.

Inject Security within CI/CD Pipelines with DevSecOPs

While we understand the importance of ‘Continuous Everything’ and stress on CI/CD pipelines, we must also pay heed to its safety requirements. There are hidden security vulnerabilities in our codes that often hamper the operations and testing lifecycle phase. And on top it, vulnerabilities, which we import with third-party libraries via open-source software, could make things worse. Continuous Everything and DevSecOps work in tandem. DevSecOps completes the DevOps lifecycle by injecting security into its core. It helps companies transcend into a broader security blanket with source code analysis, vulnerability testing, penetration testing, and access management, among others.

MSys Technologies is a known provider of end-to-end DevSecOps consulting services. Our DevSecOps Architects take a modular route by assessing your existing DevOps and security strength and then orchestrating a tailored plan. We have helped Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) and Enterprises align their security with the overall DevOps structure.

Our DevSecOps solutions encompass data security checks for test automation, build automation, deployment, environment management, and monitoring. We further codify security, compliance, control, and governance and then patch it up with your CI/CD pipeline. This helps your infrastructure to operate at a tightly screwed, desired security standards, at levels of SDLC. Also, we ensure that security checks are automated and embedded at the server build level to cleanse the entire SDLC pipeline.

Our group of seasoned DevOps and Security Architects will first assess strength your internal team structure, followed by studying your existing DevOps and Security maturity levels and tools, creating solution frameworks, deciding and executing a strategy, and then finally training your employees. They trigger incremental code scanning, which dramatically reduces the required time and also ensures a thorough code check. The use of automation via code checking snippets helps locate bugs early in the development cycle; which means these bugs are remediated without denting the product development speed.

Our DevSecOps services:

Professional Services

  • DevOps and Cloud Assessment
  • CI/CD Planning and Implementation
  • DevOps Security Training

Tools Implementation

  • Static Application Security Testing (SAST)
  • Software Composition Analysis
  • Interactive Application Security Testing

Managed Services

  • Managed DAST
  • Managed Pen Testing
  • Managed SAST

Our Customer Speaks

“We approached MSys to implement a DevSecOps plan. Thanks to their experts, we understood the nuances of embedding security within the CI/CD pipelines. They carried out the DevSecOps training program for our staff efficiently. And, yes, there were tangible results in the form of lesser security incidents and lesser code analysis time,“

– Product Head of an ISV based in the U.S

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